5 Important Basic Tips for Baking Perfect Cakes

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Baking is easy. Small tips can help you to bake a perfect cake. Today I will show you how some basic tips can make a difference in your cakes.

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5 Important Basic Tips for Baking Perfect Cakes

Room temperature of ingredients

Ingredients must be in room temperature.This is very important for emulsion which traps air.While baking this trapped air expands and produces a fluffy baked cake.


Sifting of dry ingredients

Sifting helps in fluffing the flour and filtering out impurities.It also helps in the better reaction of raising agents like baking soda and powder.

Mixing Method

The mixing or folding of the cake batter must be done in one direction to form uniform air bubbles.

Preheating of the oven

This is very important as raising agents needs a consistent temperature to rise correctly.

Mode of baking

Bake cakes in bake mode(both rods).Use the lower rack.Avoid opening the oven during the first 20 mins as that the most crucial time of rising.

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