Rose kheer

Rose Kheer-A Quick Ramadan Dessert

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The Islamic Calender’s ninth month is known as Ramadan Month.Muslims around the globe fast for almost 30 days during this month.The essence of fasting is spiritual..After the whole day fast they break it in evening after their prayers.A lot wonderful preparations are made which is enjoyed with family and friends.So sharing a quick dessert,Rose Kheer that you can try in your Ifftar.

Rose Kheer-A Quick Ramadan Dessert


1.Milk  – 1 cup

2.Condensed milk -1/2 cup

3.Sugar -1/4th cup

4.Vermicelli – 1 cup(boiled for 5 to 7 mins)

5.Rose essence- ½ tsp

6.Water -1 cup

7.Raspberry red/Rose pink colour- 2/3 drops

8.Yellow colour – 2/3 drops

9.Green colour – 2/3 drops


1.In a pan add water and sugar and boil it till sugar dissolves.Let the sugar syrup cool down a bit then divide it into 3 separate bowls and add the 3 colours separately to each bowls.

2.Take a pan and boil the vermicelli for 5  to 7 mins till its cooked.Strain it and keep aside.

3.Now divide the boiled vermicelli also into three equal parts and soak them separately in the coloured sugar syrups for 5 to 7 mins and then strain it and keep aside the coloured vermicellis.

4.Heat a pan and pour milk to it,add the condensed milk and let it come to boil.Stir continuously for around 10 mins.When the milk is bit thick ,keep it in low flame and add the rose essence.

5.Now add the coloured vermicellis together to the milk mixture and stir it nicely for a minute and its done.

Take it out in a serving bowl  and after the rose kheer cools down a bit,keep it in the refrigerator for half and hour.It tastes divine when served chilled.Prepare this rose kheer in your ifftar desserts and enjoy with your family and friends.I personally believe that simple preparations create wonders.Keep visiting this space for more recipies.Do try it and count me in your blessings and enjoy.


-Serve it in the dessert ware of your choice and garnish it with rose petals.

-You can avoid the colours if you wish.

-You can also add single colours of your choice.


Lastly, Dear visitor I would love see your feedbacks in  comments if you find liked my recipe.Thanks!