Genuine Broaster Chicken,Guwahati (Review)

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Restaurant Review:Genuine Broaster Chicken,Guwahati

Genuine Broaster Chicken

“American Soul with an Indian Heart”

The above line was the first thing that caught my attention when i first heard about this American Restaurant Chain,Genuine Broaster Chicken.

Many international chains have made up place in the restaurant sector of Guwahati in the last couple of years.Genuine Broaster Chicken is the newest in the list.This US based fast food chain is known for “healthy”food concept.

Attended the food bloggers meet to review this restaurant. I personally quite like the ambience.The interiors were very rustic and perfectly going as per the theme,American soul with an Indian heart.The entire setup was very welcoming.



genuine broaster chickenGenuine Broaster Chicken









genuine broaster chicken


Genuine Broaster Chicken uses fresh chicken, not frozen, and pressure-fries by using patented pressure fryer technology. It is cooked in Broaster Pressure Fryer, which utilises 50 per cent less oil than open fried chicken and retains more chicken moisture.


MENU : The menu is very interesting.

-The Fried Chicken options like The Legendry Genuine Broaster Chicken,the Hot Masala Chicken consisting of crispy fried boneless chicken were my personal favourites.

-Smoked BBQ Franchos was a different taste to the taste buds.

-The burger menu at GBC consisted of the pink bun Lamb Rogan Josh Burger, Palak Paneer Burger

-Meals can be paired with some interesting beverages like Chul Bul Soda, Bul Bul Soda and GBC favourite Palang Tod.

-The traditional  desserts with twists like Chocolate Samosa with Mango Ice cream, Caramel Lava Cake and Gulkand Muffin were my top favourites.

I found the prices very reasonable and pocket friendly and will definitely attract crowds.Completely different new menus to make our tastebuds and tummy happy.The Broaster Fried technology giving it a health factor will be an edge in the growing fried chicken market.












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