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10 Important Baking Tools To Bake and Decorate Cakes

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Every home baker knows that baking is hard without some basic baking tools. 2 years ago I never heard of these names but now they are my treasures. Sharing some very simple, no fancy baking tool introduction for beginners. Only the most important ones are listed below to bake and decorate cakes which you need to purchase to bake professionally.They play a very important role as baking means perfect measurements.

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List of 10 Important Baking Tools

1.Measuring Cups

To measure dry and liquid ingredients

2.Measuring spoons

To measure dry and liquid ingredients

3.Measuring glass

To measure dry and liquid ingredients

4.Baking tins

To bake the cakes

4.Palette knife

To smoothen and give finishing touch to frostings/icings


To fold/mix cake batter and cream

6.Icing /piping bag

To pipe out creams to decorate the cakes wth different designs

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The nozzles when attached to piping bags, it gives different beautiful patterns to the cream while decorating cakes

8.Cake board

They are used to serve the decorated cakes


OTG is a short form for oven, toaster and griller.This equipment is used for baking the cakes

10.Electronic Beater

To beat the cream for decorating the cakes


(The above list is totally my personal choices for OTG baked cakes and whip cream frosting decorations of cakes)

Hope you got an idea of basic baking tools.Also do read my 5 basic tips of baking to know more about baking.

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Happy Baking!


9 thoughts on “10 Important Baking Tools To Bake and Decorate Cakes

    1. Thank u for visiting Soumali… start practicing with nozzles to get beautiful basic roses try with small inward star nozzles of Noor or little bigger ones like 1M &2D.

  1. Hi…I am jst a beginner in baking..I have a Panasonic convection 21ltr microwave but the cakes don’t come out that good so I use pressure cooker…could u suggest an OTG for baking my cakes.thanks

    1. Hi Upasana….cakes work out differently sometimes when baked in microwave and OTG.The recipe also matters a lot.I prefer OTG as its heat distribution is perfect for baking.Try Morphy Richard which i have suggested also in my posts,thanks.

  2. thanks for sharing your ideas, this is very useful and it is really great! I appreciate your article. You can visit my website for more blogs about baking tools.

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